Current Milongas in Buenos Aires

27 07 2010

I’m going to Buenos Aires for few weeks in August and recently ran across a website link that provides a great comprehesive and updated list of current milongas in Buenos Aires.

The list not only includes the necessary event details, but also includes dates when the milonga descriptions most recently updated and notes when other ongoing milongas have been canceled. While I can’t personally vouch for this list today,   I’ll learn a lot more in the next few weeks while I’m in Buenos Aires, and will update my readers, accordingly.   I did notice that the list includes milongas that have recently been recommended to me through word of mouth.    Let me know your own experience and whether or not anything is missing or listed when it shouldn’t be.

I also recently discovered a blog post of a visiting milonguera’s recent experience at various milongas in Buenos Aires — why she went to that milonga in the first, what she expected to find there and she actually experienced

It would have helped me understand the differences in some of the milongas in Buenos Aires before my first visit a few years ago.  It should be helpful getting of sense of the what a visitor experiences at some of the milongas, and would be particularly helpful to the uninitiated.




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27 07 2010


I suggest you obtain the current magazines Diostango and B.A. Tango when you arrive or by downloading from someone’s blog. The list to which you refer is incorrect and outdated and has places listed that I’ve never heard of, I suppose to impress people by the quantity of places to dance in BsAs. I’ve lived in BsAs for 11 years and go to a handful of places myself. Unless you are 30-something and have lots of time and money to waste, I recommend a much shorter list of places. After using the magazines for reference, the best way to obtain information on the milongas that are right for you is from locals like Oscar Casas, who dance at the milongas and who won’t lead you astray. You can’t possibly attend the some 120 milongas each week, so you need to be selective to make good use of your time.

You are probably coming for Milongueando en BsAs starting August 9, so I’ll look for you at the Monday book/DVD preview or the talk by milongueras.

If you are looking for milongas with older dancers who respect the traditional codes and appreciate excellent tandas, you can use this short list: Lo de Celia Tango Club (Constitucion), Salon Leonesa (Constitucion), Club Gricel (Boedo), Salon Canning (Palermo Viejo), and El Beso. This trip may be your only opportunity to see milongueros so make certain you go where they dance. They are quickly disappearing from the milongas and won’t be around forever.


28 07 2010

you can also take a look at:

best regards,

28 07 2010

Very helpful, thank you! And while I’m in the process of piecing together a milonga calendar in consultation with a number of my ‘tango maestro’ friends from Buenos Aires, it’s always helpful to have a good electronic reference guide handy. I had forgotten that the Punto Tango is also published electronically. Thanks again!

31 07 2010

I have the BA Tango-Buenos Aires Tango online digital in PDF on my Blog. Have just posted the recent issue as it is out quarterly now with updates in-between. See

Hope that helps. Have a great trip.

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