What is Tango?

9 08 2010

“Tango is the dance of feelings.”

“Tango is what happens between steps.”

“Tango is what happens when you take everything out and all you have left is feelings.”

“On earth, we are all angels with one wing. Only when we come together can we fly.”

from Milongueando 2010 “Homage de Carlos Gavito” film and book launch, La Mansión Dandi Royal, Buenos Aires — August 9, 2010.




2 responses

10 08 2010

Sounds like it was wonderful! What is the name of the book being released? Is it the same, “Homage de Carlos Gavito” ?

10 08 2010

Simply amazing – particularly since I just saw the video, bought the book and today, finished a two-class series on the dance of Ricardo Plazaola taught by Susana Miller, Here’s the info on the book: “I Wanted to Dance, Carlos Gavito: Life passion and tango.” Abrazos Press (Art-dealing.com) and translated into a couple of languages, including English.

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