Cachirulo Milonga in Buenos Aires

Cachirulo in Buenos Aires

Aspiring milonguero discovering musicality and connection through self-expression in my tango social dance.

Richard’s tango dancing is inspired by the  “milonguero” style of tango or what Argentines call “apilado” is a close embrace style commonly used for social dancing in the crowded clubs of central Buenos Aires.  His classes focus on helping dancers learn the improvisation techniques of various master teachers to develop ways to express themselves through tango dancing to a variety of orchestras and musical styles.  He encourages dancers to employ more rhythm in their dance, to discover their own dance vocabularies, and to learn how to shape and shrink these in space.
Richard is based in the Chicago area and inspires others through his enthusiasm for tango.   His current activities include:
  • Teaching private and group classes.
  • Organizing Practicas for tango social dancing.
  • DJing.
  • Photographer capturing the feelings of the dance.

CONTACT:   richard@chicagotango.info

VISIT:   chicagotango.info – the Chicago-area tango community website

Tango Social Dancing – some background information

During a milonga or tango social dance, DJs play music in tandas — sets of three or four songs with a shared style and orchestra — interspersed with cortinas, or break songs, which provide time for dancers to switch partners and prepare for the next tanda. During a tanda, dancers form a line of dance and move in a counter-clockwise direction around the outside of the dance floor, staying with their same partner for that set of songs. During a tanda, the dancer’s steps are improvised and can vary dramatically from song to song based on their partner, the music and the type of energy transmitted by the orchestra.

chicagotango.info – the Chicago-area tango community website

Susana, Maria, Enriqueta, Ray and others (you know who you are) — a heartfelt thank you for your ongoing encouragement and support.

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3 responses

16 10 2009

Great, Richard!

27 07 2010


I’m from Chicago and left in 1999 to move here just as you were getting settled into the tango scene there. Be sure to look for Janet Rieck in the milongas; she’s been here since June and staying until September.

23 08 2010


I saw you at Lo de Celia on Sunday, but I didn’t know it was you until Christina from Paris mentioned your name as we were walking home. If you plan to be around for another week or so, give me a call. Three other women from Chicago arrived a few days ago and we’ll be meeting for lunch.

4941 6669

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